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Tips for Your Pregnancy Photos

One of the most memorable moments in a woman's life, for sure, is pregnancy. Despite the changes that occur in the body, we feel powerful with the big belly. To make this moment eternal, nothing better than making a book that, in the future, will be a valuable memory of that important moment in the family's life. But for the photos to be really incredible, some precautions are important.

We know that, during pregnancy, the woman often feels tired and uncomfortable, so it is important to try to take the photos on a day that is not too hot, if the test is done outdoors. It is also interesting to expect that the belly is very apparent - it is best to remove them between 25 and 33 weeks of pregnancy. During this period, the belly will be quite large and round, but not as heavy as at the end of pregnancy. Another drawback of leaving the book for later in the pregnancy is swelling, as the pregnant woman's feet, hands and even the face often swell in the last few weeks.

Here are some tips that will make all the difference in your photo shoot during pregnancy.

Choose the scenario carefully

Many pregnant women opt for a studio session, due to their comfort. The pregnant woman gets tired more easily and may be uncomfortable because of the heat and other factors. However, photos outdoors, in the middle of nature, are much more beautiful. If you choose this type of rehearsal, choose to take the photos in the early hours of the morning, as the heat is less intense - and the light is much more beautiful.

Less is more

For a book to look amazing, big productions are not necessary. The biggest highlight, in the case of a photo shoot during pregnancy, will be on the belly! Using too many accessories can pollute the image, making the main character stand out.

The beauty of pregnancy is enough to make the test beautiful, so the best option is a natural test and without the use of many devices. Do not forget that some productions that today seem to be beautiful, may seem in bad taste in the future.

You and beautiful!

It is normal not to feel very attractive or beautiful at any stage of pregnancy, after all, there are many changes, many hormones and a lot of emotion. But know: every pregnant woman is beautiful and is in a state of grace for carrying a life. Believe it!

Don't be shy, let go! If some imperfections like spots and streaks are bothering you, use a light base to hide them or think of different angles for the photo. And remember that the photo can be retouched later in an editing program. However, if these details don't bother you, show yourself naturally without fear, because your essay will look beautiful anyway.

Although the photo shoot during pregnancy is very focused on the belly, we must not forget that there is also the story of a woman as an individual, and this deserves to be remembered during the session. Some pictures of the mother's face, without the belly showing, can also be very interesting.

Special participation

The main focus of a photo shoot during pregnancy is the pregnant woman. But that does not prevent some people or even the family pet from participating. If you wish, dad, little brother or grandma and grandpa will also be able to take some pictures with the future mom and the big belly. Photos where daddy interacts with his belly are classic! Photographing the affection that exists in the family that awaits the baby will result in beautiful photos.

Feel at ease

Last but not least, feel free! Don't feel obliged to do something just because you saw it in other books and thought it was beautiful. The naturalness of the expressions is very important for the photos to look good. If you don't feel comfortable taking the famous nude photos, for example, present in the vast majority of photo shoots during pregnancy, don't do it. Use and abuse your creativity, but only do poses in which you feel comfortable.

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